sacsayhuaman complex


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Dalyan,Mud-Bath Turtle Beach



Tour Dalyan (Caunos Rock Tombs)

Dalyan is still in the most comprehensive tour we can recommend to our guests. Dalyan is still standing with his 2500-year-old standing on a steep path and air conditioned buses start our journey.When you are waiting by the lake to take you to the famous Sultan mud baths and sulphurous pools, the information to be given about more environmentally conscious when geçirebilirsiniz.öğl a meal to take in the presence of the açık büfe was laughing our staff friendly service are you waiting Lycia Caunos Rock to visit the graves boat in front of the passing Caretta beach right way alacaksınız.doğal life park was declared in the cafe and the pier section of the beach geçirebilirsiniz.dönüş time in the sun entering the sea journey will take you to the blue yengeç avla boats and the loggerhead turtle happy to show the çalışacağız.dönüş k thus in a moment you will be able to recommend to your friends, we will say goodbye to you ...

Tlos&Yakapark&Saklıkent Tour




The Tour is through the un-spoilt Turkish countryside observing some local village life and seeing the people hard at work in the fields. Our first stop is Tlos (Ancient City) which is one of the oldest settlements of the 72 ancient Lycian Cities. Climb the ruins at Tlos and enjoy the stunning view of the fertile surrounding plains from the summit. We also visit the Rock Tombs, Agora Theatre and Roman Baths. After Tlos we arrive at Yakapark Trout Fish Farm and there you can see the beautiful water gardens and enjoy a lunch served with traditional Turkish Mezes. Next stop is the dramatic Hidden Saklıkent Gorge of Europe. This Gorge was formed throughout the centuries by melting snow. If you are brave enough, wade through the zero degree waters of the Canyon or relax and enjoy the many Terraces on the Canyon itself

Fethiye Market & Kaya Village Antique City



Fethiye Market & KayaKöy Antique City
After visiting the public market for 2 hours and 30 minutes, we visit the village where the ancient Greek houses are located.